Ladies' Handbags

Ladies' handbags are sold in Dubai in extreme numbers and many times also for extreme prices. Since the first appearance of Louis Vuitton, Herm├ęs or Bottega Veneta Ladies' handbags, owning a stylish handbag had become a status symbol among women and these handbags are so excessively priced that you could buy a car out of the price of one. Yet, ladies are relentless when it comes to trends, quality and brands and they don't hesitate to buy an super pricy handbag in order to feel good.

Dubai today is the Middle Eastern centre of luxury. And the first ambassadors of European luxury in Dubai were definitely the most famous jewellery and fashion brands, because these were regarded as sure profit makers among the rich Dubai ladies who were all waiting desperately their chance to come to be able to wear the same top expensive handbags as their European, Asian or American counterparts. Ladies Handbag brands and those top fashion brands who gor primarily famous for their great collections of handbags, such as Praga, Gucci, Dior or Chanel are all pretty popular to be visited in Dubai, no matter the fact that sometimes there are hundreds who are placed on waiting list because of some exclusive handbags being so rare that there is simply not enough of them to cater the Dubai need . Ladies Handbags for events are sold especially before the festive seasons such as the annual Dubai International Film Festival, to which all Dubai royalties want to have their newest collection of ladies handbags,so that later they can wear them. In the case of extra rate and extremely priced handbags, such as Louis Vuitton, Prada or Gucci, the competition is pretty strong too. They are in a hurry to come out with the latest collections because only in this way can they distance themselves from the relentless work of fake handbag sellers and manufacturers. Today, the most heavily copied brands of Ladies' handbags include Burberry, Chanelm Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada. By this we can easily know that these brands are the strongest on the market.

Currently in Dubai, there are three key places where you can get to see the largest variety of quality handbags: the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates and the BurJuman Shopping Mall. The Dubai Mall hosts the Debenhams, the Bloomindales, the largest Gucci and Marks and Spencer in the Middle East and hundreds of brand stores where you can get to see a great variety of handbags. As for the Mall of the Emirates, the large shopping mall has its Harvey Nichols and Debenhams in the same time. Apart from this, it has many-many stores over there which offer handbags for lower or a lot more reasonable prices. BurJuman Shopping Mall is famous for having the largest number of the stores of leading fashion brands, each one of them offering quality and popular brands. Apart from that, it's the BurJuman Shopping Mall that houses the one and only Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai as well, with all the best and most famous ( expensive ) brands of Ladies handbags on sale.

Ladies' handbags are also sold in Deira's Souk, in the Dragonmart, in the Dubai Outlet Mall as well . Also if you are lucky to be in Dubai during shopping festical you can have a double luck with its large number of discounts at that time.
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